Thursday, September 23, 2004

a new challenge??

wkt gw lg santai2 di rmh, lg ngutak-ngatik spy e-mail bisa diakses di hp, tau2 ada telpon dari nana. she offered me a job. as a PR!! ktnya mrk butuh org yg backgroundnya IT, ngerti media, sama demen nulis. as far as she knows, i'm qualified in all three aspects. *gulp* now this was surprising. sama sekali gw gak kepikiran utk pindah kerja. i'm happy where i am and i love this job. iya sih, gajinya emang rada kecil. but i'm not looking to be rich, really. tp somehow gw puzzled & excited. dunno why. mgkn krn gw bosen ngeliat temen2 gw pd mulur dari deadline? like i need a new challenge? hmph. nothing to lose, everybody says.

so this morning, gw lgs ngedit2 cv gw. it's been zipped and hasn't been updated for more than 3 years! felt awkward. hhehehehe...

abis gw edit, lgs gw kirim ke nana. and everything else will fall in motion... i hope!

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