Friday, September 17, 2004

a new skin!

it's only been 2 days and the lighthouse is gone! i wasn't really comfortable with it, terus ditambah si icha ktnya pake template yg sama di blog private dia! *grrr..* so i thought "ok, why don't i try a new skin?" edit sana-sini, tambah sana-sini, potong sana-sini. so this is it. my blog with the new layout! ditambah tag board. terus gw spent almost 1/2 hour for the main picture. scary, isn't it? hahaha... i think i should've arranged it so it looks like i'm looking at my other selves. but what the hell, gw gak terlalu kerajinan deh!

oya. box blogger yg biasanya nongol di bagian atas, yg gantiin iklan itu, jadi kaco balo di sini. cuekz aja deh. mnrt gw malah looks cool gitu =D

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