Thursday, August 16, 2007


gw gak mo sombong. but it seems that i'm somehow irreplacable at indopacific. knp gw bisa ngomong gitu? tadi siang, gw ditelp sama pak nugroho, one of the editors there. mrk bingung gimana mo terjemahin "integer throughput". gw bilang aja, klo gw gak bakal translate, dan dulu2 gw cuma miringin. and that's what they did afterwards.

geez.. it's so simple, yet they had to ask me? hahahaha... i think i have to charge a fee to them, for consultation like that! hahahahaha... i'm flattered!

anyway, "integer throughput" itu adalah angka kemampuan prosesor yg diukur program benchmark, in this case, specINT. prosesor pny 2 kemampuan, integer dan floating point. integer itu, kasarnya, adalah bilangan2 bulat. sementara floating point adalah bilangan2 pecahan. naturally, floating point is much more difficult to handle. therefore, in benchmarks, integer would have higher results, since it's easier to be tested. still with me so far? hehehehe...

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