Wednesday, August 15, 2007


today's daily motivational guide from facebook is:
"no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

i totally disagree with this statement! hell, i'm not the kindest person on earth, but i sure do have my shares of kindness. and what do i get? NOTHING!!! that's a big NOTHING!!! oh sure, there's a heavenly reward waiting for me when i die. but for once, just for once, i want to be rewarded here on earth. is that too big a desire? is it selfish? is it stupid?

damn it! (that's the fourth for today, i believe)

today, in this world, only the most, cruelest person will ever succeed. ANYWHERE. i've seen proofs of that. and for that, i'll never make it since i can never be truly cruel. people will only take advantage of me. take me for granted.

and i'm really pissed off here. can be seen from the english only posting. i only post entirely in english when i'm mad. and i believe i have every reason to be mad. people have objections for this, they can SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASSES!!! i don't care!! i did care, and i got nothing!

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