Sunday, August 19, 2007


geez... i'm really blessed. in the midst of this hard time, i still get support from people who loves me, who are my friends, and of course, from He Who Sits Above.

misalnya hari ini. gw ktemu 1 temen. dia ngajak ktemuan utk ngomongin something about it for his project. it turned out he offered me a position. i saw it coming, actually, tp gw gak mo ge-er dulu. dan posisi ini kinda leap of faith, soalnya beda banget sama yg udah gw jalanin selama ini. tp sebenernya klo gw dapet posisi ini, i'll be back to my roots: IT. challenging, of course. i've been out of touch from it for too long.

trus Citra. yes, we had some problems earlier this week. but now our bond is stronger than ever. kmrn itu kita "evaluasi" kejadian gak enak wkt hari kamis & sebelum2nya. dan kemudian kita nyimpulin klo kita berdua udah changed quite a lot. simpelnya ya gw. klo dulu, mgkn gw udah bakal meledak klo diperlakuin spt itu. in fact, the reason for our last break-up was that i exploded in front of others. tp kmrn, meskipun gw marah, gw udah lebih "beradab". klo aja gw mledak, mgkn dia jg bakal ikut mledak, dan hasilnya, mgkn aja, kita putus lagi. tp yg terjadi khan bukan itu, dan justru kita skrg malah lebih saling sayang.

dan masih banyak temen gw yg laen, spt adeline, ajeng, amel.. (how come all of their names begin with "a"?!?!?!) tremendous, tremendous support. love you all, ladies!

Happy Sunday, all! GBU! :-)

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