Wednesday, June 27, 2007

green tea in a glass

gw mo mulai tradisi baru ah. nulis judul blog pake obyek2 yg ada di sekitar gw. jadi bisa sama sekali gak ada hubungan dgn isi posting gw. kecuali utk birthday, obviously...

anyway. hari ini kok rasanya aneh ya... i'm kinda very sad... very, very sad... the road i'm currently taking isn't an easy one. in fact it's very bumpy. dan gw bisa nemuin jalan buntu, which will leave me without anything at all. singkatnya, i have everything to lose.

+ come on, step! where's your faith?
- it's here.
+ so why are you so doubtful?
- well...
+ you know she loves you, right..
- of course.
+ so?
- it's just that..
+ you're also aware of this risk from the day you made the decision to love her, yes?
- yeah... dunno.. i'm just being sad.
+ you must realize this can and will happen the moment you said the word.
- you're right. ahhh... dunno dunno dunno...
+ is this another battle of logic and emotion? the one with the red and white angels?
- i must say the white is quite sad right now.. and the red is knocking the door...

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