Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A new year, but is it a happy one?

call me a pessimist. i don't see how this year can be any different from 2006. in fact, i started the new year with a rather gloomy tone. what's with all those problems, which, i may say, are not mine directly.

resolutions? just want to live my life day to day and get it over with. nothing special. oh i wished for something special last year, but what happened? nothing. well, i may have been given a reprieve or two, but that was it. maybe i have done soooooooo many bad things, i just don't deserve to be happy. it's as if my "happiness allowance" has run out.

so, welcome to a new year, steve. but whether it's going to be a happy one for you, it remains to be seen.

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