Sunday, January 07, 2007

good sunday

ok. the way things are right now, they're much improved. including my mood. gw udah gak tll bt. again, thanks to those bunch of temen2 yg gak cape2nya menghibur gw, pdhl mgkn mrk gak tau gw lg bt. ajeng. alda. dips. patty. tirza. ime.

my relation with one particular person has... come to a... reasonable level. not in the way i would have preferred, but nonetheless it's much better than being enemies, right?

so... yeah... gw udah gak bt. tp kyknya skrg gw malah jadi sedih. damn it! this has been a full roller-coaster week for me dlm hal emosi ya. i wonder... mgkn menjadi Vulcan is not such a bad idea... live long, and prosper!

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