Friday, May 19, 2006

movie short review: The DaVinci Code

film ini adalah satu dari tiga "must see in theather" film gw utk taon ini. yg dua lagi adl superman returns & x-men: the last stand. terus terang aja gw gak ngarep apa2 dari film ini, soalnya gw udah baca bukunya. pengalaman2 gw sebelomnya, utk lord of the rings & harry potter, banyak banget yg dipotong dari bukunya.

dan terus terang lagi, banyak yg dipotong dari film ini. dan beberapa hal jadi gak masuk akal. andre vernet, the bankir, misalnya. dia ditinggal robert langdon & sophie neveu in the middle of nowhere. yet, before langdon & sophie sampe di kastilnya teabing, vernet udah dgn enaknya ada di rumah sakit. bawa handphone? probably.

di museum. louvre. banyak background yg mustinya dijelasin di sini. tapi, gak semuanya muat. not unexpectedly, to be fair.

tapi gw cukup impressed sama endingnya. di film ini sophie ternyata adalah keturunan SANG REAL, alias Yesus. wow! that's a nice twist! but then amel, my friend, pointed out that sophie almost did nothing in the movie, so maybe that's why the film makers decided to give her a memorable role. hmm... nice theory. and that came from a girl who hasn't finished reading the book yet.

acting pemain2 filmya, as expected, cukup bagus. though i can't get the images of tom hanks, sir ian, jean reno, and alfred molina out of my mind dlm peran2 mereka seblomnya. doc ock & magneto, anyone?

tp spt yg gw bilang di awal, gw gak ngarep banyak. dan, surprisingly, i was quite entertained by this movie. my verdict: recommended, even if you've read the book.

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