Wednesday, February 01, 2006

here i am

wow! udah lama banget rasanya ya gw gak nge-blog. well, so many things have happened between now and the last time i blogged.

intel media camp
salah satu alasan gw gak nge-blog adalah ngurusin acara ini. di bali. ribet! repot! so many things to be done. but it's done now. but i'm not too satisfied with th way it was managed. or rather, with the way i managed it. but it's ok lah. the journalists liked it, so itu yg plg penting. gw begitu sibuknya, gak sempet ngapa2in di sana. ktemu sepupu2 gw, yg udah overdue banget, jg gak sempet. apalagi belanja2. ckckckck...

things are more hectic now, with the arrival of the new pr manager. i guess she's entitled to her opinion, really. and practically, she's my boss now. tp kok gw ngerasa gak klik ya. mgkn blm aja. tp knp dia kyknya mo rewrite everything according to her own agenda ya? hmmm... let's see lah.

my birthday
no, ini blm lewat. masih upcoming. and no, i won't reveal the date. nope. nada. kyknya taon lalu gw pernah jelasin knp gw rasa sebel sama ultah gw sendiri.

the girl
gw ktemu 1 ce bln lalu. yg bikin gw takjub adalah, gw spt terpaku sama 1 ce ini. aneh banget. never happened. oh well. i guess i'm still a normal guy. hahaha...

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