Saturday, September 22, 2007

setelah 2 minggu...

ok. gw udah 2 minggu di karyaku. how has it been? it's been GREAT!!! my greatest strength as a pr guy is in writing, i believe, and i've written so much more in just 2 weeks in karyaku compared to a year in indopacific. bayangin aja. and the people? wow, they're great. nice people. no bullshit. gak ada pura2 baek kyk si bangsat india di ip. things flow just nicely.

all in all, i'm satisfied. i needed the change. and it shows.

but do i miss the old times? iya, kadang2. my old colleagues. the team. kadang2 gw msh chat sama renya, kristin, astrid, renny. and also others.

the clients? sebagian. intel, mostly.

what i don't miss? THE NOISE OF THE BITCH'S VOICE!!! THE SMELLY POLLUTION OF THE BITCH!!! now that i don't miss!!!! hahahahaha...

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