Friday, September 14, 2007

imaginary talks

+ hi step! how're u doing?
- hi there! i'm doing fine, thanks!
+ heard you're now in a new office. is that true?
- yeah. i'm now in karyaku.
+ what is it? still pr?
- yup.
+ compared to the old place?
- much cozier, if i may be a bit blunt. we're only 10-11 people there. small community.
+ wow! so you feel comfy already?
- yup! dunno, somehow things just click into place.
+ good then, isn't it?
- of course! i feel i'm important already. it's the feeling i lost when i was still in ip. that bitch really fucked me up. i just hope she dies miserably.
+ now now now... that's not nice...
- but it's true! i just don't have any chemistry with indians! why do they have to always fuck with other people's business? why can't they stay in that hell hole of place they call their country?
+ well... i think...
- you know what i think? the way they behave, they're pissed off of each other, they spread around the world.
+ ok ok ok... why don't we talk about ur new place? what are you doing now?
- now i'm mainly doing cisco. not yet a handler, obviously. i wrote an advertorial, being tasked to write 2 tech articles, and a proposal coming in monday.
+ busy already, huh?
- you can say that. no rest for the weary! hahaha... but it's thing like this which makes me feel important.

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