Saturday, December 02, 2006

i'm in my own world

some people know me as a nice, friendly person. almost always willing to have a chat, and talk the worries out of everybody with my laughter and "crispy" jokes.

well, that's true. but not the whole truth. most of the time i actually prefer to be left alone. like now. i'm basically all alone on a corner in starbucks pasaraya. with my trusted companion, my acer notebook, listening to my xmas collection in itunes. here, i'm feeling comfortable. not a worry in me.

is it anti-social? i don't think so. i still send smses to some friends. but i'm in my own world right now. and noone can take it from me. for whatever reason. whatever i may desire.

*gila. jutek banget ya gw kesannya?!?!*

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