Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns


gw udah nonton Superman Returns. filmnya okeh banget. as soon as Brandon opens his suit and reveals his custom, there are no other superheroes. superman IS the hero. itu mnrt gw sih. dan gw lgs sadar klo ya dari dulu komik favorit gw emang superman. ckckck... the amazing thing is Brandon looks very, very similar to Christopher. dan karena Superman Returns takes place after Superman 2, rasanya lebih gimanaaaaaaa gitu.

okeh. here comes the spoiler part. don't say i didn't warn you ya!

Superman returns after a 5-year trip to Krypton (or what's left of it anyway). he didn't find anything. he came back, in a meteorite of some sort, right in the vicinity of his home in smallville. then he went back to Daily Planet. Perry White is portrayed as a meaner version of his comic book counterpart, but not as mean as J. Jonah Jameson (Daily Bugle, of Spider-man's fame). and guess what? Lois Lane is married to Perry's nephew, Richard (James Marsden), with one son. I'd say Kate Bosworth did a good job in portraying Lois Lane as a smart-ass, bitchy reporter.

Kevin Spacey, as always, fleshes the best Lex Luthor (but then again, I never watched "Lois & Clark" or "Smallville", so i may have no reference whatsoever to other actors portraying Luthor). he found the Fortress of Solitude, and stole all of Superman's memory crystals. he discovered that the crystal, when thrown into water, will materialize into a combination of dirt and concrete. He also stole the kryptonite from the museum.

Lois, during Superman's absence, got broken-hearted and wrote "Why The World Doesn't Need Superman" and won a Pulitzer award for that article. Superman, in his Clark Kent alter-ego, was mad and broke the picture of Lois and her family by accident. Superman then met Lois on the roof of Daily Planet and take her "for a trip". oya, Superman's powers are somehow more "exaggerated" more in this movie, as he seems to be able to fly at the speed of light (CMIIW). then came the magic moment, when Superman held Lois in his side and flew. Whew!

meanwhile, the stolen crystals, when thrown into water, created electromagnetic pulses (EMP) which in turn disrupts all electricity and electronic devices. Lois is assigned to cover Superman (much to her dismay), and Clark is assigned to cover the blackouts. Lois, always the rebel, found the first place where the blackout occured. there, with her son, she saw the ship (which belongs to Luthor). when they wanted to get out, she met Luthor and the ship went to the ocean.

Luthor planned to combine the crystal with the kryptonite. the idea was to create a land-mass where Superman can't get into. interestingly (A HINT!), when he showed the cryptonite to Lois and her son, Jason, he (Jason) became weaker. he then proceeded to shoot the combination of crystal-kryptonite into the sea, and it quickly became big. while Jason played with a piano, Lois faxed a note to get help, but was caught by one of Luthor's thugs. when she was about to be hit by him, the thug got hit by a piano (ANOTHER HINT!). who threw it? Jason! (HINT, HINT, HINT!).

Richard got the fax and immediately flew to save his wife and son. Superman also went, but he found out the land-mass was about to hit Metropolis and went back to save the people there. it hit Daily Planet quite hard. Perry was about to be crushed by the globe, but Superman got the globe. meanwhile, Luthor ditched the ship after locking Lois and Jason in the pantry. when we were about to guess Jason was about to break the lock, Richard opened the door (ARGH!). then the ship was hit by the land-mass and broke in two. the family were almost doomed, but Superman saved the day.

he then went to confront Luthor. he didn't realize the land contained kryptonite until it was too late. Luthor and his thugs beat him, and stuck a sharp piece of kryptonite in his back. Superman then fell into the sea. Lois and her family managed to go back to save him. he awoke, and flew again into the sea, dug under the sands. Luthor and crew felt a tremor, and ran to the chopper. his crew was crushed, and Luthor flew with Kitty (and the dog). it turned out that Superman dig the whole land-mass and threw it into space. the effect of kryptonite was too much for him, and he fell.

he went into coma. here comes one touching moment where people, including Ma Kent, held vigil outside the hospital. Lois and Jason went to see him. there, Lois whispered something to him, while Jason played with his costume. the whisper? it wasn't showed, but the movie implied that Lois told Superman that Jason is actually his son!

the next day, a nurse found Superman's bed is empty. he's alive! hahaha... Superman went into Jason's room, glowing with pride. Lois went outside to smoke, but decided against it. then she saw Superman. not much words were exchanged, but it was enough.


i'd say Bryan Singer did a helluva job in directing the movie. the plot, the acting, the effects, everything! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

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