Friday, May 06, 2005

(posted from wapblogger) Some songs really, really bring back good memories. Take backstreet boys' everybody as an example. This song reminds me of several things. Two major things, in fact. The first is when i participated in my first pesparawi, or pesta paduan suara gerejawi. 1997. It was kinda a parting gift from me to the effatha youth choir, as i was going to australia. Andre brought this tape, backstreet boys, and played it in my car. We sang so loud! The choir was, and is, unfortunately, never the same again. The second, reminds me of those friday nights at kokoz, after the exams. Now, i don't like dancing, but i sure do enjoy music. With friends like imelda, teddy, arie, and others. Damn! I miss those times. The world has changed, me too, so they can never be repeated. Luckily i have my ipod to relive those moments. *sigh*

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