Tuesday, May 03, 2005


here are some photos from bangkok!

wat arun. the oldest temple in bangkok. or is it in thailand?

me on the boat.

me in front of inter-continental hotel. a sky train was passing by. we actually waited for the sky train to pass.

two giants, guarding a gate. a nice mixture of chinese and thai cultures.

this statue intrigued me. the hat looked out of place. a combination of chinese, thai, and western cultures?

thai actually invented the art of massage. in wat pho, there are references to this art. and there are also schools for that. and of course, any tired tourist can get their feet massaged.

wat pho. seen from outside. that big building is where the reclining buddha.. well.. reclines.

the famous reclining buddha. it's quite huge.

the head of the reclining buddha.

this car was where the royal grandson was put. and to be taken to his final rest.

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