Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where i've been..

My dear blog,
How're you doing? I haven't been in touch with you for quite some time, have i?

Well, it's just that i've been busy with my work. Last week, i went to bandung, surabaya, and depok for the cisco recruitment.

And in-between, i tried to have some quality time with My Honey Bunny. Unfortunately, the time wasn't enough. I let her down. She was angry with me. It was all my fault. We had so many argumentations last week.

But it didn't last long. Our love grew stronger and stronger because of it.

So you see, blog, i've had to sacrifice some trivial tasks, such as writing blogs, so i could be with her. Sorry!

Hope to see you more regularly in the future.


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1 comment:

Noor said...

You will get so much more time when you both get married. I guarantee it.