Saturday, February 17, 2007

some updates...

yeah, spt yg gw blg, mgg ini bener2 hectic banget buat gw. meeting meeting meeting meeting! gw gak pny wkt utk kehidupan pribadi! dueh!

1. the clients
gak cm 1. at least ada 2 client yg gw urusin. gak tll bikin pusing sih, soalnya so far sih good2 aja. tp bos bawang di kantor yg selalu reseh. mgkn dia lagi perlu bayar apartemennya ya, jadi panik gitu deh.

2. the choir
gw udah mulai kerja sbg ketua panitia refreshing. rapat jumat kmrn bener2 kasih gw bbrp tangible, workable ideas. i love them! it's going to be hard work, guaranteed, tp the people seem capable. i know they are.

3. the girl
why is it with the girl? first, she said she was sorry and i was entitled to get angry. i said i wasn't angry, but sad. trus dia mulai diemin gw. sms2 gw gak dibales. dan gw akhirnya mulai sebel. predictably, dia malah jadi marah. hey, i thought you said i had the right to be angry?!?!?! gw ajak ngomong, didinginin. ohhh... that was the last straw. who need you, girl? maybe i did, but i'm not stupid. trus tadi tau2 dia telp, tanya gw di grj ato di rmh. what the?! abis itu dia sms, she said she's sorry. like i said, i'm not stupid. i may regret rejecting her now, but it's better drpd nanti diomelin ato didiemin lagi. it's nola all over again. your loss, girl!!!!

4. the family
as usual, major headache. gw berusaha spy gak bt. dan tampaknya cukup berhasil. it's not that i'm avoiding the problems, no. i'm just trying to solve them without being affected by them, that's all.

5. the gift
what gift?!?!?! my birthday gift from my friends at the office, you silly! gw dibeliin jaket. very, very nice. sayangnya agak kecil, jadi gak bisa ditutup. mgkn ada pesan tersembunyi spy gw ngecilin perut alias diet ya?!?!?! hahahaha...

mmmm i think that's all the updates for this week ya... see you sometimes later, my blog!

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