Thursday, February 10, 2005

A friend from my atma days, who happens to be a former indo pacific employee, smsed me & asked whether i'm seeing somebody. That means whether i have a girlfriend, if you don't understand. I said, no, i'm not seeing anyone. She said she has a friend whom she likes to introduce to me. A meeting this weekend. No pressure, she added. What the..?! I told her i'm not really looking for or even thinking about having a girlfriend. But i'd be a liar if i said i wasn't intrigued by her sms. So i just smsed her again and said yes for the weekend meeting. I was really curious about her "mistery friend". Was it a real person, or she was really talking about herself? I mean, she's been quite nice to me as of late. Smsing me about my work, lunch, etc. Hmph. But if she really has a friend to introduce to me, well, i can always have more friends, can't i?

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